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Are you asleep? 

Through genetic profiling and education our products and services are designed around exploring the MIND while also being a vehicle to empower, expand and create awareness for a deeper understanding and openness; an awakening you could say. Along the journey we will challenge, heal, change and connect everything from your sub-conscious programming, social environment, self-talk, stress, meditation, belief systems, conscious creation and awareness.  



Do you want freedom? 

Holistically supporting the body as a complete organism is the foundation on how we approach NUTRITION to create balance. We will be empowering the individual with our products and services—which are highly personalised and flexible - “ food for life” programming and not diets. Our products and services have a clear emphasis on health, body composition and performance results. Which is supported by the latest evidence based research, genetics and education on why holistic nutrition.  This also includes areas of importance like; digestion; liver function; timing; state of mind; social setting; quality supplementation and cleansing products and techniques. The future is personalised health.


Genetics & Geometry. 

We will be creating a space in which absolute WELLNESS is at the centre of the user experience. Using sacred geometry, frequency, light, movement and harmonics to increase the users vibrational state and therefore health, all while their senses bathe in the enlightening surroundings. Through genetics (15 sciences) and geometry we will connect the mind, body and spirit to heal and create an abundance of universal human energy. Wellness, mind and nutrition is the interconnected webs of all universal elements for better health and wellbeing. 

We are very excited to say this is only the beginning. Our vision and energy stretches far and wide. We look forward to sharing with you our continuing journey of self discovery, enlightenment and personal wellness. While mentoring on the topics; EXPLORING THE MIND, EMPOWERING NUTRITION and GEOMETRICAL WELLNESS. For better health and wellbeing through sharing knowledge and experience.




(The geometric philosophy which unifies universal wellness video coming soon)!

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